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🐾 Just came to new website system, and a new file system, need time to adjust and get those ready. 30 Mar '24

✼ Domain moved from "" to here.
✼ The body of the site has finished, the content will be filled in continuously. I'm busy.
✼ Many amazing stuff will on.
✼ Chinese pages will be update after the site finished. (中文页面会在完成后添加)

✧ Previous domains are selling on (time limited!!)

SPF Policy Vulnerability

🐾 If you were received any spoofed email which marked as from our website (domains):

🍥 Please don't be mad, and thank you for visit my website. We're taking this issue very seriously. It's not our fault and we're tring to get the best solves.

The issue is first found on my domains at 1697500800~1697587199, twice recorded with ip(s): "2600:1901:101::d" and "", reported by Google itself on 17 Oct @ 16:59. The earlier familiar answers were found on network on 30 Jan 23 @ 06:27.
The primany possible reason is the "Google's netblock (209.85.220.*)", ```AgentOfPork said: "The IP it came from ( I believe is in a Google netblock. That block ( is allowed in your SPF as a Valid Sender. So it does pass your SPF check, even if set to hard fail." ```
The minor reason is, we can't block recipient's forward choice, this would cause they use proton's selector.

✼ Butt, stay relax, you can check the email's "from (sender's)" ip, if it's an protonmail's netblock (ex. or 185.70.43.*), and check the verifications in header. Please report us your received email header at HERE or below.

✨ All links on my website are safe, you can click above link(s) to view the references and details. Thanks for your understanding!! So much!! 🤍