Receiving Address


This page is built:

1) on Behalf of myself,
in named as "Astaturl Celestia" or "Huang PIaoyin";
2) on Purpose of,
explain the address on my package(s) as below.
3) You could read this instructure instead of calling me,
if I didn't answered your phone call,
that must be I'm sleeping, and sms me with a
NON-AUTOMATED number to nofity.


「Astaturl Celestia」
「Huang Piaoyin」的收件人;

🐾 收货地址 - 邮政万国邮联 🐾

福建 福州 350008
仓山区 阳岐路 65 自提



DHL/UPS/..:请发邮件,请勿用自动号码短信。无论地址写什么路,请送至 「福州」 的、配送市区的服务点,我是固定自提客户。若我没有设置按需配送,请一样送至服务点。
邮政/UPU:请按照以上指示处理,送至洋洽投递(350008),他们会妥善处理我的件。我拒绝使用任何的 「普通话拼音」 的罗马字,因为中国邮政曾经因此送丢货物。
ECMS/SF 顺丰:对不起,我不接受你们作为国际货物承运商,请自行撤单,我也不会提供相应材料。



✼ 最后非常感谢您能打开这个页面,和我的网站。素未谋面的人啊,相识一场也是缘分。我是狐巫女啊银,很幸运可以这样介绍自己,运单上写的是我的短网址链接。
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—— 啊狐 于 十六日一月二〇二四年 ⛩

🐾 Receipient Address - Postal(UPU) 🐾

Fukien Foochow 350008
Waretain Sunsplit-Road 65

Note: I'm their regular client, just send to the Aquasoak
postal (code) office, they known my package.

Additional Notice

If You Are the Carrier:
DHL/UPS/..: Whatever the road of the address, send it to the service point of the main city area, I'll pick up there myself. If I forgot to set On-Demand Delivery, do as aforementioned.
Postal/UPU: Please send it as I noted above, pass it to the postal code (350008) corresponding service point. I definitly refuse to use Mandarin-pinyin latin characters, duo to the parcel missing in the past.
ECMS/SF: Sorry, I do
NOT accept you as my international forwarding carrier, revoke the order at your side and I will not providing any material for ship.
Freight/Other: Contact as need, notify me the state of affairs in time.

If You Are Customs:
Canton Port: I'll leave the clearence to carrier, contact me by phone, sms, email.
Foochow Postal: Follow the instruction above. For any fees or process, I'll go to your office to pay and claim, send me sms message as well.
Other Customs: Follow the carrier, and contact me when need.

✼ At the end, so appreciated that you could open this page and give my website some visits. We never met but entangled by the bondish. I'm Foxwitch the Silver, well glad to introduce myself as-is, the weblink on the waybill, it's my short link.
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"China Address Full Translating Project" just click the sentence. This project is founding for better elaborating the (linguistic) Chinese language, better connecting rail with international (make Chinese be understood better in the universal context :'traditional expression'), is a meanful project which in great subversive and conceptual, and will sumbit to evaluate after the body finished.

— fox the Silver on 17 Jan '24 ⛩

🍥 账单地址 🍥

福建 福州 350008
仓山区 上渡路 8

🍥 Billing Address 🍥

Fukien Foochow 350008
Waretain Upperferry-Road 8